The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Neck Pain (Neck Pain & Restriction)
woman, 44: 3 treatments
Julia is a very busy caterer and restaurant owner and had suffered from a severe, stabbing pain in her neck for some time. She attributed this to the tension that a heavy workload and tight schedules produced. She had tried a chiropractor but, even though she asked him to be very gentle with her, she found that the treatment just added to her anxiety levels. She came to Bowen with many reservations. However, she was instantly calmed by the gentle, unhurried treatment. She was completely won over when, after just one treatment the pain had eased by 80% and after the second treatment, the pain was completely gone and her neck felt fluid and easy. Now, if her neck gives her a few stabs of warning pain, she stops it in its tracks with a Bowen treatment.
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