CM Therapies - Therapies to Aid Relaxation

Relaxing Therapies such as reflexology or The Bowen Technique may help with stress, high blood pressure and anxiety. In a world where we seem to be rushing more and more, taking a little time for relaxation therapies may be the perfect antidote to stressful, high pressure jobs or exhausting family commitments.

Recently, the Daily Telegraph reported on research findings from the University of Washington which indicated that a relaxing massage was better at reducing stress than home relaxation techniques such as breathing control and listening to soothing music. In three groups studied for the efficacy of therapeutic massage compared to thermotherapy and relaxation rooms, the reduction in General Anxiety Disorder seemed greater through massage after 12 weeks.

Studies and research are all very well, but I believe that there is no substitute for getting to know your patient and understanding the causes of anxiety and stress before suggesting a regimen of treatment. That is why I will always listen first to make sure that the most appropriate combination of therapies is applied to suit every individual. Call now on the number above, or click in the header of any page to send an email, then we can start to address the stress in your life.

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