The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Woman, Aged 29 (Depression)
Ongoing treatment
Mrs C was diagnosed as having depression and was prescribed medication - Prozac. She felt herself to be "on an emotional roller coaster, full of negative thoughts and very tense and snappy" and she hated taking this medication because it made her fuzzy. At consultation, Mrs C was very uncertain about hypnotherapy so I discussed the Bowen Technique and she was very happy to try this as a treatment.

Seven days after the first treatment, Mrs C said that she had felt much more relaxed and asked if I felt that she should stop her medication. I advised that this was something she should discuss with her GP. By her third session, nine days later, Mrs C had seen her GP who had reduced her medication prior to withdrawal. Mrs C was much more positive and delighted with the effects of the Bowen Technique.

Eight days later, at her fourth session, Mrs C was relaxed and positive. She had successfully applied for a new job and feels able to cope well with her life. She asked if I would see her on a regular basis as she felt that Bowen helped her to relax and that it is "much better for me than medication". We agreed that she would make an appointment when she felt it would help.

Mrs C has had several sessions since. She rings every 6-8 weeks.
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