The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Panic Attacks (Children and Young People)
girl, aged 13: 3 treatments
I am a registered hypnotherapist and I have become increasingly aware of Mind/Body connections and Bowen's ability to deal with both as it enables the client to balance themselves in a very gentle non intrusive way.

"Miss A's parents are separated and she was sexually abused by her father on a visit to his home three months previously. This resulted in severe panic attacks, asthma like symptoms, loss of use of lower limbs, very disturbed sleep with nightmares, loss of confidence and nervous anxious behaviours. At the time of referral Miss A was having up to 10 attacks per week.

"At her first treatment session we discussed the pros and cons of Bowen and hypnotherapy, resulting in an agreement to give Bowen a month. We also agreed that her mother would remain quietly in the room during the Bowen treatments.

After her first Bowen treatment, she was advised to drink lots of water and to go for at least two short walks each day.

"At her second appointment, she reported she had slept better, with nightmares on only two nights and her panic attacks had reduced to three in the week.

Her third treatment was one week later. Miss A had slept each night for 8-10 hours undisturbed by nightmares or panic attacks and had only one attack in the seven days. Mother commented that her daughter seemed much more relaxed.

"When she came for her fourth, and final, treatment, she reported having no panic attacks and no disturbed sleep. Miss A. and her mother were delighted about Miss A's return to her normal happy teenage self. I didn't give her any treatment as I felt Bowen had done its work.

"During the 5 months since Miss A's last treatment, her mother rang regularly and told me that her daughter was now a "gruesome normal teenager". She is doing well at school, has an active social life, and had the self-confidence to sing solo at a large concert.
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