Senior Living: By combining moves from the Bowen Technique with reflexology and deep tissue massage, an individual regimen is created for every patient, aiming to help maintain mobility and reduce the pain that age can bring.
Sports Therapies: Techniques to help sports participants overcome injuries, perform at their best and to get more enjoyment from sport.
Therapies for Relaxation: In our modern world, anxiety, stress and high blood pressure are too frequently the results of the high pressure lives we live.  Relaxation therapies can help to restore calm.
Pregnancy and Motherhood: Massage and Bowen Technique therapies for pregnancy and motherhood including sub-fertility issues.

CM Therapies - Helping You Do What You Do

Whatever you are doing with your life, there are times when our therapies can help. From conception and sub-fertility issues, through pregnancy and motherhood to sports injuries and the aches and pains that come with ageing, an individually constructed combination of therapies can help you get more out of the things that you do.

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