The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Bedwetting (Children and Young People)
girl, aged 7: 3 treatments + ongoing 'top-ups'
T was taken for Bowen treatment because of a bedwetting problem. After discussion with T's mother, it was decided to say the treatment was for her frequent bouts of tonsillitis rather than emphasise the bedwetting to the child. T would wet the bed four or five times a week, and occasionally more than once a night. T's mother was instructed to cut out apples and apple juice from T's diet. T wet the bed three times the first week. She had really enjoyed her Bowen session and was looking forward to the next one. After the second treatment, T wet the bed twice. Following the third Bowen treatment T was completely dry all week and stayed dry for two and a half months (she had one accident during this time). T now has a Bowen 'top up' every two to three months. As a bonus, T has had only one very sore throat in the last year which would normally have required antibiotics but which cleared up naturally after 24 hours much to mum's amazement!
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