The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Prolapsed Disc (Aches & Pains - All Ages)
man, aged 36: 9 treatments
The prolapsed disc was a 3 year old injury for which M. had received 2 epidurals. He also reported a severe tennis elbow which he had had for 2 years. As he is a building foreman, the severity of these problems were causing him to give serious consideration to changing his employment. The symptoms of the prolapsed disc were that he walked with a pronounced limp and experienced a tingling/numbness in his thigh and calf. Treatments concentrated on his leg at first. After the first treatment his leg and back had been better with only one bad day, which was a distinct improvement. After the second treatment, the leg numbness was much improved but the elbow pain had increased and he was reluctant to have it touched again. After the third treatment, his leg problem flared up again and his elbow was much the same with no great improvement. After the fourth treatment, however, he reported a slight to good improvement and he found that doing the exercises he had been given was easier. His leg was now much better - only a background pain. After the seventh treatment his elbow was getting much better and the exercises were no problem. His leg was still giving a background pain. After the eighth treatment both elbow and leg were ‘much much better'. At this point the therapist lengthened time between treatments to 2 weeks instead of one week. M.'s elbow & leg improvements seemed to level out and there was still a trace of numbness in the leg but the elbow was worse. M. said that both were better at this stage than they had been for 3 years. He was more than happy with the improvement and felt it would enable him to carry on in his chosen profession.
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