The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Arthritis In Hip (Arthritis)
woman, aged 51: series of treatments
Cath, who has an arthritic hip, says that before her experience with Bowen "I would have laughed in your face if you'd said that this could help me". But it did help. She was told in September 2000 that she had osteoarthritis and that she'd have to wait for a hip replacement – a long wait on the NHS because she was comparatively young. She couldn't walk without a stick and found it difficult to lift things. She had to stop her work in a convenience store, but a customer had recommended that she try Bowen. Cath said: "It was like nothing I've ever had before. It was very relaxing and after the relaxation you get a wonderful rush of energy. I went on a Thursday and by the Friday night I was walking a bit better. By the following Thursday I didn't need to use a stick to walk – and since then I haven't looked back." Cath had weekly sessions for four weeks, reducing to monthly and then two-monthly visits. Now she goes every three months. Not only has she continued to walk without a stick but she can lift things again and she has a new part-time job working as a house manager at local retirement flats. She still plans to have a hip replacement but until then she is free of her previous pain and limitations, thanks to The Bowen Technique. She said: "Just talking about it makes me want to book another session."
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