The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Triathlete - Shinsplints (Sports Injuries & Therapy)
male aged 26: 2 treatments + 'top ups'
M was delighted with the results of the two Bowen treatments he received for his painful shinsplints. He decided to continue to have treatments on a regular basis because, he said: "I am now performing better than I have ever done before. In the past, I always managed to do very well in the training but on the big day I never seemed to be able to match my training performance. However, now, I am actually achieving far higher placing in the over all order than I have ever done before." He puts this sustained improvement down to The Bowen Technique and continues to come for regular treatments because he believes that not only is it a performance enhancer but that it is also a preventative to injury.
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