The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Quality Of Life - Bladder Cancer (Palliative Care)
Following a relapse into a second instance of bladder cancer, The Bowen Technique was recommended to me by a very caring friend who had been a great help to me earlier. Bowen practitioner Julian Baker agreed to treat me just as my chemotherapy course began and after only three sessions the effect was so noticeable that one of the chemotherapy nurses remarked that I was the most relaxed patient they had ever treated on that unit."

"The Bowen Technique therapy has dramatically reduced stress in both by body and in my mental attitude, removing old tensions and grievances to clear the way to a more balanced feeling now. The treatment has also considerably reduced the pain and physical problem of a frozen shoulder, which had disturbed my sleep for months and was painful to use, even making dressing difficult at times. There is now little more than the stiffness following unaccustomed exercise.",br />
In the space of eight weeks, Julian's application of the Bowen Technique to my body and problems has immeasurably increased the well-being I feel and, I am sure, has played a very important part in supplementing the conventional cancer treatment, to the extent that I now feel better than I have felt for over two years.
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