The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Ankylosing Spondylitis Of The Lumbar Spine (Back Pain)
man,aged 76: ongoing treatments as needed
Diagnosis by GP - ankylosing spondylitis of the lumbar spine, and confirmed by an MR scan. In constant pain but refusing painkillers. Unable to walk, without a walking stick, to his bank which is only 5 minutes from his house and he frequently has to sit down. His GP said the only cure for the pain was an operation that could put him in a wheelchair. Neither Mr G nor his GP were keen on this idea. Mr G contacted me after talking to a lady I had treated previously. He is a tall slim man who was in obvious pain. No obvious signs of muscle wastage. He has had previously osteopathy, physiotherapy and acupuncture with little or no result. 18th August - Very much improved. Walking without a stick and has no need to sit down on short walks. Pain less, muscle tension almost normal, range of movement improved. 25th August - Movement excellent, no pain, very little pins and needles in feet. Has had some prostate trouble at times. Left until 4th November when the prostate trouble had improved. Since then he continued a maintenance treatment 1 or 2 monthly. He can walk around the town with no problems and no stick. He has remained pain free apart from a slight hiccup when he walked his son's very boisterous dog about 3 months later, which settled after treatment. Also had right knee problems approximately one year later, which settled after 2 treatments 1 week apart. He really is thrilled with Bowen and talks about it to anyone who will listen!
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