The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Childhood Asthma (Babies & Toddlers)
girl, aged 2: 1 treatment
T, aged 2 years, suffers with asthma. At her first treatment she was very wheezy and had been prescribed steroids, which her mother was reluctant to use. Both parents smoke. The wheezing reduced after the first treatment and has now disappeared, though there was a period of mucus being produced. Her breathing has improved after 4 treatments, so much so that the school have commented on it. The steroids were discontinued before the first treatment. It is very difficult to treat a two-year-old child who is sitting and squirming on her mother's knees. However, it seemed to work well despite those difficulties. Normally, the child has had asthma attacks every two weeks or so during the winter. She has had none for over two months now. Her mother wrote: "My 2 year old daughter has suffered from asthma and also an over-production of mucus from birth. She has Ventolin and also Becotide on occasions. In November 1999, her asthma worsened and the GP advised restarting steroids at a higher dose. She took a severe reaction to steroids so we stopped them immediately. That week she received her first Bowen and has had treatment once or twice a month since. She has not needed any medication since; she has a very slight period of wheezing occasionally which is managed with essential oils. It has been a remarkable improvement, particularly as she is a lively two year old who doesn't always stay still for the treatments."
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