"I had been suffering with Repetitive strain Injury in my elbow and wrist for over a year. I had tried regular massage and many different anti-inflammatory creams but to no avail.A friend recommended Claire and the bowen technique.i had three sessions and the have been pain free for over 1 year. I now see Claire for reflexology which once a month which has also really helped with my sleeplessness."
Anita, Age 50

"My daughter (age 11) is a gymnast and trains for hours each week.This unfortunately means she gets injuries from time to time. As she is only young I didn’t like the idea if any invasive or heavy pressure massage therapies or bones being cracked! since Claire helped with her ankle injury I take her for a session once a month which I believe has help keep her in better condition"
Lynne, Age 49

"I have been so please with the results since Claire has treated me. I have had a repetitive problem with my Lower back for years since have my 3 children. I have been to see chiropractors and osteopaths and although this sometimes helps temporarily its not long before I am in pain again. I had 1 deep tissue massage and 1 Bowen session initially and I have had no pain at all for 6 months! I I have now come back to have a monthly session as I find Claire’s treatments really relaxing and have helped with other issues I have had too.Maria age 49
I heard about Claire from a close friend. Claire kindly came to our house to help with our 6mth old son. He had terrible colic and had been crying for days.After a few minutes with Claire he began to calm down we couldn’t believe just a few gentle simple movements could make such a change.Claire came out for a follow up session 1week later. I have recommended her to lots of my friends. Thank you Claire from me and Toby"
Claire, Age 29

"I am an MMA fighter and have been training and sparing for 3 years now.i recently had a shoulder injury and my coach and physio said I would be out of action for at least 2 months. A friend recommended Claire to me. Luckily for me I saw her 2 days after the injury.As waiting 3 weeks can make a massive difference in your recovery time. I was back training after 1week. I have had many more injuries since but now have Bowen twice a month to help stay ahead of the game."
Jake, Age 26

"Claire has been my therapist for 3 years before she moved to Hove, and by coincidence we also live in Hove too now. She has treated my husband and I with regular Reflexology sessions to help support us through IVF. The sessions have really helped us to stay calm throughout this stressful time. We now have a beautiful baby girl and have continued with our sessions as we now have a different type of stress to deal with now!lol. We really appreciate all your support."
Julia, Age 43 and Stephen, Age 40

"I was actually one of Claire’s students so luckily had her number when I fell pregnant,her pregnancy massage’s are heavenly. I had a tough pregnancy and suffered with morning sickness from the beginning .Claire really took care of me throughout. I had a preagnancy massage monthly and a reflexology monthy.Then in my last trimester I had sciatica which Claire managed to sort out with a couple of Bowen treatments. BTW Bowen worked wonders for my babies colic."
Jemma, Age 31

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