In this wonderful, exciting, ever changing time (both physically and emotionally) pregnancy massage is a thoroughly relaxing way to unwind and remove some of the discomforts that occur to your body.

Amongst all of the usual benefits of body massage (listed on Swedish massage page) the additional one's are:

  • Relief from muscle spasm and cramp
  • Back neck, and shoulder discomfort caused by hormonal and postural changes
It can also help improve
  • Sleep
  • Reduce headaches
  • Relieve heartburn
  • Balance mood swings and help depression
  • Reduce swollen ankles
What happens next?
You will have a full consultation including medical history and questions relating directly to your pregnancy. It's normal procedure to wait until you have passed your first trimester for any complementary therapy. There maybe a chance you have to consult your GP for permission to treat if there is any reason for concern.

Then you will be helped to lay down on your side whilst fully being supported with comfortable pillows and kept warm.
The massage lasts for about 1hr.

For pregnancy therapy, we usually find that a combination of the Bowen Technique and reflexology provide the best results.