The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Cerebral Palsy (Pains, Palsies & Breathing Difficulties)
girl, aged 3: regular treatments
I first saw little T. a year ago, when she was three.  She is a delightful little girl, very determined and full of fun.

T. has cerebral palsy, with a mild left-sided hemiplegia.  Her left arm and hand are somewhat slow and clumsy, and her left leg is marginally shorter than her right, with erratic muscle tone.

T. was managing pretty well, but fell over more than the average, and was prone to more trying tantrums and outbursts than most three year olds. Her parents were concerned to do all they could to get her off to the best start they could.

It has been a very gradual process of gaining T's confidence through games, tiny rewards, and general fun and nonsense in the treatment room. She was initially very reluctant to leave her parent's laps.  I did tiny treatments in situ, or on my lap, as and when I could. Very quickly improvement was seen in general behaviour and the number of tantrums decreased.  As time has gone on, she and I have become the best of friends; she will now lie on my couch and remain still for treatment.  We hope that as time goes on, regular treatment will help prevent complications with her left ankle, which inverts slightly and has erratic tone. She now verbalises well, is friendly, confident and outgoing, and showing every sign of being ready to make a smooth transition to school in a few month's time.  
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