The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Back Pain (Back Pain)
woman, aged 54: 3 treatments
Bowen Technique practitioner Annie Sewart, who is also a physiotherapist, treated Mrs C who came with a history of back pain, which included a particularly bad episode two years previously. In addition, she also looks after her disabled mother at home. Typically, her back pain would also travel down to her left knee. An x-ray revealed that 3 lumbar vertebra had reduced cartilage. Two weeks before she came for Bowen treatment, Mrs C's back "went" during a skiing holiday when she stood up from a sitting position! When she came for the first treatment, Annie noted that Mrs C also had high blood pressure. During the first treatment, Mrs C felt very woozy and was hot and flushed after, so remained lying down for a while. She said that her back was then painful for two days following the treatment but that something "snapped" as she was walking and the pain was gone. At her third treatment, she reported feeling a bit stiff, still, but had been playing tennis. In addition, her blood pressure was normal for the first time in two years. One week later, she was feeling fine and has not needed further treatment.
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