The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Back: Degenerative Disc (Back Pain)
woman, 30s
B had pain in her lower and middle back with some spasm evident, plus stiffness around her shoulders. She had had a lower back injury as a child. She also suffered from stress. She had three children between 8 months and 4 years. She was moving house shortly after her second treatment. The pain in her back disappeared after the second treatment when the Bowen pelvic move was added and, despite carrying many heavy boxes during the move, she had no problems with her back. As the Bowen treatment is helping with her stress, this has continued. She claims she has never gone through the winter without frequently falling ill, but has been fine ever since she started the Bowen sessions. In her own words:

"I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disorder and have suffered for 12 years with lower back pain which has worsened since my children were born."

"All of summer 1999 the pain was severe and occurred frequently, often the pain going down into my legs and also up my neck and shoulder. After two sessions of Bowen it was almost completely better. Since then I had slight twinges, which have gone after a few days."

"In addition, the Bowen treatment seems to have had a marked effect on my general health, with practically no illness all winter, and also my mental/emotional health is much better. I don't have the down days and depression that I suffered with for years."
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