The Bowen Technique - Case Studies

Case Study Selected: Asthma And Chest Infections (Asthma & Breathing Problems)
girl, aged 8: 3 treatments
Felicity is 8 years old and suffered with asthma and chest infections,. She was small for her age and had a poor appetite. She had 3 inhalers: 5 puffs of one twice a day; 3 of another twice a day and the last one every 4 hours. Distressed with the amount of medication Felicity was taking, her mother was looking for an alternative and discovered The Bowen Technique. After one treatment, Felicity became full of life, energetic, hungry and didn't need the last 4 hourly inhaler. At the end of treatment 3, she was off all inhalers, had grown, was still full of life and hungry. At a routine check up with the GP, just after Bowen treatment 3, he immediately picked up the difference. The bright, alert look in her eyes, weight and height gain, clear, good, strong breathing. He was so pleased he wanted Bowen information to give to other patients.
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